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Government Of Assam Women & Child Development

Women & Child Welfare


There can be no justice, equality or comprehensive social & economic development in societies which deny developmental activities of women & child. 

The provision of the Constitution of India granting equality to Women in various spheres create the legal frame work within which the department of Social Welfare functions for women & child development. The Government of Assam has been continuously formulating and initiating strategies to bring women & child into the main stream.

Departments Agenda 

For advancement of Women and Children, the Social Welfare Department formulate plans, policies and programmes, enact and amend legislations, guide and co-ordinate the efforts of both Governmental & Non-Governmental Organizations working in the field of Women & Child Development Sector. Besides playing a nodal role, the department implements certain innovative programmes for Women & Children.

Among various schemes and programmes of the Department, development of Anganwadi Centres as Community Resource Centres for Pregnant & Lactating Mothers and overall development of Women & Children are provided.

The women and child welfare activities are given below in details.