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Government Of Assam Women & Child Development

Integrated Child Protection Scheme

What is ICPS?

ICPS or the Integrated Child Protection Scheme is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, implemented in partnership with the State Governments and Civil Society Organizations (CSO).

What is the aim of ICPS?

ICPS aims to establish a system that will efficiently and effectively protect children, based on the cardinal principles of “Protection of Child Rights” and the “Best Interest of the Child”.

What are the objectives of ICPS?

  • To institutionalize essential services and strengthen structures;
  • To enhance capacities at all levels;
  • To create a database and knowledge base for Child Protection services;
  • To strengthen Child Protection at family and community level;
  • To ensure appropriate inter-sectoral response at all levels;
  • To raise public awareness

What are the Guiding Principles of ICPS?

  1. Child Protection is a primary responsibility of the family and other stakeholders;
  2. A loving and caring family is the best place for the child;
  3.  Privacy and confidentiality;
  4. Non-stigmatization and non-discrimination;
  5. Prevention and reduction of vulnerabilities;
  6.  Institutionalization of children is the last resort;
  7.  Child centered planning and implementation;
  8.  Technical excellence, Code of Conduct;
  9. Flexible programming, responding to local individualized needs;
  10. Good governance, accountability and responsibility.

What is the focus of ICPS?

ICPS will focus on the following activities:

  1. Mapping needs and services for children and families at risk;
  2. Preparing Child Protection plans at all levels – state, district, block and village;
  3. Strengthening service delivery mechanisms and improving the quality of services provided;
  4. Promoting and strengthening non-institutional family-based care programme;
  5. Developing capacity of service providers;
  6. Strengthening knowledge base, awareness and advocacy;
  7. Establishing an integrated, live, web-based database on children;
  8. Monitoring and evaluation;
  9. Building partnerships for Child Protection at all levels and strengthening linkages with other bodies and institutions

Who will benefit from ICPS?

The scheme will target the following categories of children :