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Government Of Assam Women & Child Development

Autonomous Bodies

Women Commission


Statutory Functions of Assam State Women Commission are as follows:

  1. To investigate and examine all matters relating to the safeguards provided for women under the constitution and other laws.
  2. To present reports on working of the safeguards to the State Govt. annually as well as other times as the Commission may deem fit.
  3. To make reports, recommendations for effective implementation of the safeguards for improving the conditions of the women of the state.
  4. To review from time to time the existing provisions of the constitution and other laws, acts and recommend amendments thereof.
  5. To take up the cases of violation of the provisions of the constitution and other laws relating to women with the appropriate authorities.
  6. To look into complaints and take suo-moto notice of matters relating to deprivation of women’s rights, non-implementation of laws relating to protection of women, non-compliance of policy decisions, guidelines or instruction ensuring welfare and providing relief to women.
  7. To call for special studies or investigations into specific problems relating to women.
  8. To undertake promotional and educational research so as to suggest ways of ensuring due representation of women in all spheres and identify factors responsible for impeding their advancement.
  9. To purpose gender justice through intervention in case of violation of equality in laws, denial of opportunity and deprivation of women’s rights.
  10. To give counseling and assistance to women victims of atrocities and women in distress in the state.
  11. Inspect a jail or a remand home, Women’s institution or other place of custody where women are kept as prisoners or otherwise, and take up with the concerned authorities for remedial action, if found necessary.
  12. Fund litigation involving issues affecting a large body of women ; make periodical reports to the Government or any matter pertaining to women.